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July 13, 2006



We just got back from Key West, FL. When I requested a "Hemingway Daiquiri" at both Capt. Tony's (formerly "Sloppy Joes") and at the "new" "Sloppy Joes", they said that all they had was the "Papa Doble."

Any comments why that might be so?

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There is more evidence that the Jennings Cox version of the invention of the daiquiri is the actual true story than for any of the other stories. There is a published copy of the 1937 Miami Herald on the internet that verifies the Jennings Cox story which sounds pretty convincing. The article is at http://www.strawberry-daiquiri-recipe.com/strawberry-daiquiri-invention.php if you want to verify the story personally. I could not find any evidence for any of the other versions of the story... post if you find some?

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