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March 30, 2007


Stephen Beaumont

Scary stuff, Darcy, and reminiscent in the old but now mercifully discredited -- although still sometimes seen, I'm afraid -- practice of drip tray recycling in the U.K., in which the beer collected in the spill trays beneath the taps was poured into a new pint. In my day, I've even seen this done in full view of the customer!


I've seen 1 through 9 at a franchise I previously worked at, which is part of the reason why I quit. I doubt any of the bartenders there knew what #10 was.

The worst sin was the bartenders doing #1, but using a pitcher and combining all the beers from six different taps into it and then pouring 1/4 glass of "waste beer" and topping off with ordered beer. Makes me shudder.


Nice additions, Stephen! I think number 7 should be moved to the top of the list, though—nothing gets to me more than a bartender who doesn't know what s/he's serving.

And on the flip side, there's nothing sexier than a bartender who can recommend a good alternative pint if the place doesn't carry what I ordered.


Stephen Beaumont

That's "borderline obsessive" in a GOOD way, Jeffrey.

Jeffrey Morgenthaler

Thanks for the mention, Stephen! And great list, yourself. But "borderline obsessive"? Ouch!!

I've got to say, I've carried Sierra Nevada Pale Ale on draft on several occasions (I know, I know), and I always love it when someone bellies up to the bar, looks directly at the tap handle, and says, "I'll take the IPA"


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