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January 28, 2008



Dear Mike Ginal,

During the Hide-A-Case consumer campaign of the 1960s and '70s (and early 80's), 22 cases of CC whisky were hidden around the world. To this date, five have never been recovered:
Lake Placid, NY
Ujiji, Tanzania
The North Pole
Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile
The Yukon Territory (The first case hidden in the Yukon territory was found before the ad could be placed in magazines, so a second case was hidden.)

Would Hiram Walker/CC/MacCaffrey & McCall ever consider resurrecting the campaign to encourage folks to "Recover The Lost Cases of CC"?
I'm quite certain such a campaign would spark interest. I, myself, have searched in Lake Placid to no avail and might one day go back. I know that the Yukon case is hidden at King Solomon's Dome, but will never get the chance to go there. I will never get to Chile or Tanzania and wonder if The North Pole case sank long ago. In any event, let me know if any additional clues might be published about any of the five remaining cases and whether any addtional incentives might be offered to find them. Feel free to send me an E-Mail @ james.willhoft@gte.net

Thanks, Jim W.

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